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the ultimate MULTIfunctional and modular biological memBRANE..
The volume and variety of environmental pollutants have increased rapidly in recent years. Water is particularly exposed to an extraordinary level of micropollutants such as microplastics, hormones, antibiotics and heavy metal ions. We are developing an innovative water purification system: MultiBrane - The ultimate MULTIfunctional and modular biological memBRANE.


The MultiBrane scaffold is cellulose onto which we fabricate flagella polymers. Flagellins, the monomer subunits, self-assemble on the membrane in a designed fashion into biopolymer 'trees'. These greatly increase the membrane's surface area - each flagellin monomer can be modified with a functional molecule. For the prototype, we designed and expressed fusion modules of flagellin and the antibiotics degrading erythromycin esterase type II (E.coli), a heavy metal binding metallothionein (Synechococcus) and the microplastics degrading cutinase (F. solani). If functionality and modularity of MultiBrane can be proven we assure that it is possible to attach nearly any functional molecule to MultiBrane allowing pollutant adapted water treatment.